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Tuesday July 3rd 9pm RIDE!!!



It’s the full moon again.

Summer nights are steamy and cool.

and its almost the fourth of July!

BUST out that snazzy bike of yours, that crazy outfit, those blinking lights, grab some fireworks from the border and lets ride together Tuesday night!

We should have some music along the way, some sparks, some new friends, some howling at the moon.

The route will leave from the roundabout just after 9pm from the River Arts District, go down the Greenway, up to Haywood Rd, through downtown and will end at a spectacular vista point full of wonderful smells! hint hint.


Dont worry if you aren’t Lance Armstrong. We wait at the tops of hills and around curves and go slow to stay together. All are welcome!

Wear lights and helmet to be safe safe safe.

See you there!!!!

Happy summer…



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