A short and sweet ride! Warmed up really fast and ended up at a costume party at the Stab Bar. Thanks to the good folks who came out. More to come.

Feel free to ride on waxing waning and gibbous moons too!

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Sunday JAN 27th GET READY!

This Sunday.



It will be so nice to have some hardcore bike lovers come out mid winter (although the weather has been so beautiful) for a moonlight ride.

Sunday the 27th is the full moon. Meet up at 9pm at the traffic circle in the River Arts District (right by the Wedge) and we will depart from there.

Definitely wear a helmet and being some flashy lights. This time we will finish the ride at an organizers house that has a great view of the city and the moon, and a bonfire will ensue.

Embrace the first ride of the year and the Asheville Pedal Party’s first birthday!

Got music?

Got Costume?

See you there.

Next Ride September 29th- Saturday!

See you in your glittery, your silvery, your sequined, flashy, shiny, bright, moon colors!

This themed ride takes off at 9 ish (usually a bit later because people keep showing up!)

We leave from the traffic circle at Haywood and roberts streets in the River Arts District next to the Wedge.

Connect with us on Facebook!


Prize for best costume!!

Dress Like This Guy!!

Next Pedal Party: August 2nd

August 2nd is the next fool moon. mark your calendars, watch the sky, get your bike in order.

Pedal party needs feedback. Riders seem to be confused about where to go, who to follow and where they will end up.

I wish people were much more spontaneous BUT…let’s hear some feedback on this matter. We as a collective could easily choose a standard route for every ride, that way when people get lost they can catch up or jump in late. It would be great to start at the traffic circle as always, visit haywood rd and downtown and end on a high point.

Wasn’t that sneaky kudzu trail a neat spot on the July ride?

Thanks for your input!

Tuesday July 3rd 9pm RIDE!!!



It’s the full moon again.

Summer nights are steamy and cool.

and its almost the fourth of July!

BUST out that snazzy bike of yours, that crazy outfit, those blinking lights, grab some fireworks from the border and lets ride together Tuesday night!

We should have some music along the way, some sparks, some new friends, some howling at the moon.

The route will leave from the roundabout just after 9pm from the River Arts District, go down the Greenway, up to Haywood Rd, through downtown and will end at a spectacular vista point full of wonderful smells! hint hint.


Dont worry if you aren’t Lance Armstrong. We wait at the tops of hills and around curves and go slow to stay together. All are welcome!

Wear lights and helmet to be safe safe safe.

See you there!!!!

Happy summer…